Dvorak Fed/State Line & State River Violations Issues

The following public documents were obtained pursuant to a Colorado Open Records Act request.

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Bill Dvorak Arkansas River Violations


  1. Failure to maintain adequate guide records July 20, 2012
    • A routine inspection was due because of Dvorak's inability to provide officer with proper documentation that they used a qualified guide on June 20th 2012 when a regulated trip resulted in a boat accident. Dvorak was unable to provide the minimum guide qualification and first aid card at inspection. Documentation was not provided until July 30th 2012
  2. Failure to maintain guide qualification records 8/8/2002
    • Six missing first aid or CPR cards
    • Two trip leaders without the required 500 river miles
  3. Failure to maintain adequate guide qualification records August 29, 2014
    • Four guides had no First Aid of CPR card
    • Two guides had insufficient miles to act as a trip leader
  4. Operating a regulated trip without one proper spare personal floatation device aboard the vessel July 26th 2014
    • William Woodford from Dvorak Expeditions was found operating a commercial raft without a spare personal flotation device and did not have rescue throw rope readily available
    • "It should be noted that some of these deficiencies are now proving to be a reoccurring issue with this outfitter"
  5. Operating a regulated trip without a proper first aid kit aboard one of the vessels 8/9/2015
    • Missing roller gauze, guide Kelsey ran trip anyway
  6. Failure to identify the river outfitter's company on a vessel used during commercial trip 7/9/2005
    • Five boats missing proper outfitter markings
  7. Utilizing state wildlife area without a permit 7/1/2008
    • Guide David Niven left the country without paying the above ticket
  8. Third degree criminal trespass citation 09/02/1997
    • A guide of Dvorak commercial trip trespassed. Five people Five Boats
  9. Commercial use of DROP property without concession contract 4/16/1998
    • Swiftwater training class being conducted by Dvorak's Expeditions Special Use Concession agreement with the AHRA was not renewed annually before commercial operation
  10. Operating commercial trip without proper first aid kid aboard vessel 5/30/2005
  11. Operating commercial trip without proper first aid kit aboard vessel 7/2/2005
  12. Bill Dvorak's Kayak and Rafting Expedition 2006 Rationing Violation payment - Suspension until matter is resolved
  13. Rationing Violation 5/12/2007
    • 1 raft, 4 people
  14. Rationing Violations 7/3/2006
    • 1 raft
  15. Rationing Violation 7/20/2013, 7/22/2013, 9/1/2014
    • 3 rafts, 4 kayaks, 22 people
  16. Rationing Violation 7/25/2012
    • 1 raft
  17. Rationing Violation 7/25/2015
    • 1 raft, 2 people
  18. Rationing Violations on 6/30/14, 7/26/14, 7/31/14
    • 2 rafts, 3 kayaks, 11 people
  19. Rationing Violation 7/23/2015
    • 1 raft, 9 people
  20. Rationing Violation 6/30/2007
    • 1 Raft
  21. Probation of Special Use Agreement for 2007 season 3/27/2007
    • Among the totality of administrative Agreement issues exhibited during the 2006 season were: operating commercially without a signed agreement, late payment, unauthorized use of Ruby Mountain Recreation Site on two separate trip occasions, two rationing violations and one unauthorized trip log violation.
  22. Probation of Special Use Agreement for 2009 season 3/20/2009
    • David Niven c/o Dvorak's Rafting Company for unlawfully providing services for compensation on property owned or managed by DOW without a commercial permit. A second charge was issued under the Wildlife Commission Regulation 002-1, unlawfully entering a State Wildlife Area (Clear Creek SWA) without a habitat stamp. These tickets were issued after being warned a week earlier not to conduct operations without a permit
    • 2/23/2010 Probation was repealed
  23. Special Use Agreement probation for a term of one season 6/8/2011
    • This is the second official notification for disciplinary actions resulted from commercial operations without an authorized Special Use agreement.

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